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There is a choice of heavy and light duty Axial Aerofoil Fans ranging from 315 to 2000mm, available in direct and belt drive configurations:

The following choices are available: -

•HDA - Heavy duty cast aluminium impellers with high efficiency and low noise levels, in 13 sizes from ø315mm to ø2000mm.

•LDA - Light weight, pressure die cast aluminium blades in 6 sizes from ø400mm - ø1250mm.

•LDP - Light duty glass re-in forced nylon blades with aluminium hub, 5 sizes from ø400mm to ø1120mm.

All choices have adjustable pitch blades and can be supplied in component form or as cased axial low fans.

A wide range of electric motors can be fitted to suit your application including motors for use in emergency duty hot smoke extraction.

Performance curves are based on testing to International Test Standard ISO 5801 1997 and BS 848 Part 1, 1963

Axial Aerofoils

Axial Flow Fan HDA

Axial Flow Fan LDP

Axial Flow Fan LDA