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Bifurcated fan is for high temperature up to 200° or other application where the motor should be kept out of the airstream. Sizes range from 300 to 900mm.

Two specific types are available, limited by their temperature

Standard Temperature unit.

Suitable for temperatures up to 70°C, consisting of a bifurcated steel casing, aluminium impeller diven by a class “F” motor

High temperature unit.

Suitable for temperatures up to 200°C, consisting of a bifurcated steel casing with fully insulated motor chamber and heat slingers on the drive shaft.

Where particularly arduous duties are involved, please refer to our sales engineers. We will almost certainly have a fan in our range (axial or centrifugal) to match your application

A wide range of electric motors can be fitted to suit your application including motors for use in emergency duty hot smoke extraction

Bifurcated Fans

Bifurcated Fan Galvanized

Bifurcated Fan Painted