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Airtec Fans & Engineering Manufactures, Distributes, Market and Export a range of fans & related accessories.

Ideally, designed and used where airborne solids are required to pass through the Fan. The Fan is manufactured from rigorous industrial applications.

The Fans are constructed of suitably steel plate made of heavy gauge, with purpose-designed shafts and bearings. It is designed ostensibly for pneumatic conveying applications and have a self-cleaning blade configuration and relatively high discharge velocities. The standard range consists of 22 impeller diameter diameters from Ǿ300mm to Ǿ2100mm.

In this range consists of Four impeller types :

1. Type A

Open paddle suitable for fibrous and high temperature applications.

2. Type B

High efficiency tapered shrouded radial impeller for clean air applications and light dust loads.

3. Type C

Shrouded radial impeller suitable for powders, granular materials, wood chips and most free flowing materials.

4. Type D

Shroud less impeller suitable for stringy and fibrous materials.

Radial Bladed

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