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Airtec Fans & Engineering Manufactures, Distributes, Market and Export a range of fans & related accessories.

Where the blower is required to convey fibres and fluff, this range is most suitable. Designed and used in the Textile Industry.

The range, V400/0.75kW, V500/2.2kW, V600/5.5 & 7,5kW is available with 3 phase motors only due to the relatively high starting torques required to accelerate the heavy die cast aluminum impellers up to speed.

The casings are constructed of mild steel sheet treated with a phosphate process and finished with a high quality baked epoxy powder coating.

Other applications include bio-filter pressurization, compost aeration, floatation tables, low pressure “air knives”, exhaust fume extraction, pneumatic conveying etc.

V. Blower